Notes on "What Will Libraries Be When They Grow Up?"

What Will Libraries Be When They Grow Up?:  Responding to the Innovations of Technology and Imagining the Future
Presenter: Samantha Hines, Head Librarian, Missoula College of The University of Montana, Missoula, MT

  • Jaron Lanier: “You are not a gadget.”
    • Concerned with loss of context and that scholarly material is being reduced to snippets
    • Lack of deep thinking & ownership of ideas
    • Wikipedia & the bullying of experts trying to correct its entries, but are shouted down by the mob
    • Lanier develops concept of digital humanism
      • Take ownership of one’s creations
      • We are not machines & so we should act with information mindfully
  • Nick Bilton: “I live in the future & here’s how it works”
    • Print no longer meets his needs
    • Online sources are cheaper & more useful
    • He worked for the New York Times & tried to solve how they can profit from digital content
    • “Consumer of the future”
      • Searching for experience, rather than physical goods
      • Need to get back to storytelling
      • Think about what libraries are in order to move forward
      • Creating, thinking & consuming
      • Blend of technology & space planning
      • Studying, learning & customer service
    • Hold the library as a house of learning & knowledge, but allow people to interact with the content in new & useful ways
    • We need blended librarians focused on building and maintaining relationships on campus
    • We’re facing the opportunity to create “The Great Age of Libraries”
    • Know our relevance & adjust our mission accordingly

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