Notes on "Mother of All LibGuides"

Mother of all LibGuides: Applying Principles of Communication and Network Theory in LibGuide Design
Carol Leibiger, Associate Professor, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD
Alan Aldrich, Associate Professor, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD

  • Pathfinders existed from 1970 – 1995; Online subject guides began in 1994
  • On average, it takes an experienced librarian 8 to 20 hours to create one subject guide. Because of this and the continual maintenance required of each guide, the more research guides one creates, the larger the workload
  • Four network structures:
    • Circle (least efficient, but most satisfying; everyone contributes & shares)
    • Chain
    • Y
    • Wheel (most efficient; least satisfying; few people are able to contribute & share)
  • Social Creator Model:
    • No organized sharing; an individual gets permission from another
  • The “Mother LibGuide” is unpublished, but made available for staff to copy pages and/or boxes from. Changes that are made to the Mother are passed on to all the children.
  • The Mother is a repository for common content (the basic boxes & pages that multiple librarians would want on their pages).
  • Who builds the Mother LibGuide?

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