Notes on "The Location-Less Library"

The Location-less Library: Examining the Value of the Library Building
Melissa Gold, Science Librarian, Millersville University, Millersville, PA Krista Higham, Access Services Librarian, Millersville University, Millersville, PA

  • During their library’s renovation, they moved into a temporary location.
  • The majority of their print collection was moved to storage.
  • How were students impacted by the renovation? Can libraries meet their mission without a building?
  • This library still has not yet moved into the renovated building; they will be by Fall 2013.
  • In the temporary location, there was no reference desk. Librarians were available by appointment & virtual reference.
  • They shared the timeline & progress of the library’s renovation via a new blog:
  • Pictures of the renovation:
  • Each method the library used aligned with one or more of the ACRL Standards for Higher Education (
  • They took head counts twice per day.
  • They kept statistics on the percentage of seats & computers that were being used throughout the day.
  • They also conducted random surveys during the day:
    • Why are you here? (studying, meeting friends, group work, sleep, etc.)
    • Why did you choose this particular space in the library? (outlets, computers, quiet, near material needed, etc.)
  • They found out that students seemed to use the library more as quiet space than for the services & resources
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  • PDF report available at

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