Notes on "Finding Inspiration from Within"

Finding Inspiration from Within: Harnessing Your Library’s Knowledge for Professional Development Programming
Carissa Tomlinson, First Year Experience Librarian, Towson University- Albert S. Cook Library, Towson, MD

  • Internal professional development is necessary to keep up with new technologies & changes within the library field
  • Librarian roles are shifting; we’re going from primarily “reference librarian” to a multitude of other job descriptions & duties
  • How do we stay current as our jobs & responsibilities change?
  • The presenters propose an internal professional development program utilizing the peer learning model (reciprocal helping relationship between individuals of comparable status; we’re teaching each other & learning from each other)
  • The transfer of institutional memory & knowledge management are very important
  • What could an internal program look like?
    • Workshops, seminars, directed reading, journal clubs, peer mentoring
    • “Teach Around”: 2-3 librarians teach for 20-30 minutes each
    • This program is held 2 times during the semester and monthly during the summer
    • Topics are decided upon by librarians
  • All librarians at Cook University considered this program to be beneficial to their professional development
  • This program builds collegiality & improves communication
  • Cook University began a Staff Development Committee at their library; it is focused on librarians

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